Our Library

We love to read around here!  This page will be dedicated to the books that we love enough to pass on to you.  Some are faith based, some are fashion based, and some are just fun to read.  We hope you find something you love – and feel free to leave a comment and tell us what we should check out!


Waking Up Catholic – this book is excellent for those seeking to learn about the Faith, or a current Catholic who wants to learn more.  Chad Torgerson shares his conversion story and teaches the basic beliefs of the church in an easy to understand way.

Rome Sweet Home – Well known and loved convert Scott Hahn tells how trying to prove the Catholic faith wrong led him right to the front door of the church.

Style, Sex and Substance – a group of knowledge, hilarious, and otherwise fantastic ladies dish on all of the things that Catholic women face in this day and age.

The Patron Saints Handbook – Find a saint to pray for you in almost every situation.

Pope Awesome and Other Stories – Cari Donaldson tells the story of her conversion in this hilarious and very real book.

Something Other Than God – Jen Fulwiler’s conversion from atheism to Catholicism is a story that you just won’t be able to put down.

Curly Girl’s Handbook  – Sound advice for taming those locks and getting the curly hair that you want!


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