Meet the Authors

Holly – Blog Owner/Manager

Holly is a Catholic Convert (class of Easter 2014!), a wife, a mom, a photographer, and a theology student. In her free time she can be found hanging out with her family, cooking real food recipes, and probably with her nose in a book.

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Sarah – Blog Owner/Manager


Sarah is a young Catholic wife and mommy who loves to run, cook, bake, write, drink coffee, keep house (most of the time), and spend time outside. She’s the lucky wife to a wonderful husband and mother of toddler twin girls. For more family, faith, food, and life, follow along at …and twins make four!



Kendra – Original Founder


Kendra is a Catholic wife and mother in North Carolina. She has a passion for new feminism, including faith, natural beauty, motherhood (both spiritual and physical), fashion, health, confidence, and seeing God in the little things. Her favorite things include dressing up, iced coffee, video games, social media, football, reading, cheeseburgers, puzzles, and good conversation. Her personal blog is The Nerdy Wife.

Emily – Original Founder



Emily is a Catholic wife who lives in Ohio. She loves learning more about her faith and strives to be the best example of a Christian that she can be. She enjoys golfing, designing web sites, playing video games, cooking, running, and yelling at the TV while watching sports. Her personal blog is EmilyRuns.

Previous Writers

Mary – Contributing Writer

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Mary Lenaburg is a Catholic blogger limping along the spiritual road somewhere between Holly Hannah and Snarky Sinner. Married twenty-five years to her first blind date, Mary has two adult children, each with their own unique needs. When not dealing with the crisis du jour, she aims to create Parisian-inspired meals on a Walmart budget in her 1968 cramped cottage kitchen, can sew a mostly-straight seam, and has recently learned her green thumb is actually black.

As she seeks joy among the dirty dishes and laundry piles, she lives a vocation that is one-hundred percent God-given, grace-filled, and exhausting. She thanks God daily for the caffeine and chocolate which keeps her sanity intact and tries to live by the motto, “Be nice to your kids because one day you may need an alibi”. If she’s not snapping photos of her daily life, she’s writing about faith, family, fashion, fiction and crazy days on her personal blog Passionate Perseverance.


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