While the authors of this blog love to write, we certainly aren’t experts on every topic. We also love hearing from people with a different perspective on common topics.

That’s where *you* come in!

Would you like to guest post for Fine Linen and Purple?

We are always looking for guest posters to contribute. If you’re interested, please read our guest posting rules:

(1) Relevant topics to guest post about include: the Catholic Faith,women’s fashion of any kind, modesty, shopping tips, self-worth, natural beauty, etc.  Since we are a faith based blog, in general all posts should come from a faith perspective.

(2) You will not get compensated for your post, but we’ll gladly link to your blog (if you have one) in your guest post.

(3) We strongly prefer at least one picture in your post (and you must have the right to use any pictures you include)

(4) Your guest post must not be posted anywhere else online, past or future, except for your own blog if you wish.

(5) Send guest post ideas here

(6) Sending us a guest post does not guarantee that we’ll publish it (but if you followed all the rules above, it most likely will be!). We will contact you and let you know when it will be posted on the blog.

We want to give a sincere thank you to all who send us guest posts. You’re who helps keep the blog fresh and interesting with your awesome writing and ideas. Thanks again!

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