Entering Deeply into Holy Week

DSC_0407Holy Week.  What a powerful and emotional week.  We are so blessed as Catholics to truly be taught to live the liturgical life, and to have opportunities in our parishes to really enter into what this week means.  However, as we know, the home is the domestic church.  In light of that, here is how we will be celebrating Holy Week!

First of all we love love love the Peanut Butter and Grace site for families.  What an incredible resource!  We use “The Bread” from this site every week of the year and it has really been a great thing for our family prayer time.  Here is a link to The Bread for this week.

We will be paying special attention to the Gospel readings, and discussing them as a family in depth, even more so than usual, this week.  This article is a great resource on what was happening in the life of Jesus during each day of Holy Week.  We will be utilizing it for sure!

We will be doing our best to attend Daily Mass every day this week, and also Adoration when we can.  We will also attend the Lenten Reconciliation Service so the whole family can attend Confession.  Our parish does the foot washing on Holy Thursday, which is always such a powerful thing for children to see.  My kids are older elementary and middle school age, so we also observe the three hours of silence between noon and three on Good Friday, at least as best we can.

All of this culminates, or course, in the Easter Vigil on Saturday night, and the Easter morning service.  Such joy after the subdued days of Lent!

How are you entering into Holy Week this week?

One thought on “Entering Deeply into Holy Week

  1. I just heard about the 3 hours of silence on Caritas’s holy week podcast episode! I wasn’t really raised Catholic (although I was baptized Catholic as a baby), so I have no experience with how to raise Catholic kids. I’m tucking that idea away for later.

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