Prayer Braindump

Catchy title eh?  We’ve talked a lot about prayer lately on Instagram and in the comment section.  I loved Auntie Leila’s book, The Little Oratory.  I wrote this post about setting up our own Little Oratory when I read the book.  Our prayer table has come a long way since then, so I thought I would share some updated photos, and encourage you to create a space for prayer in your own home if you haven’t yet!  Plus, I just like to photograph pretty things.  But you all already know that. 🙂











Everything here is pretty basic, but when it’s all put together it makes a great space for reflection and prayer.

The kiddos and I also did a smash journal type of prayer journal project.  Have you seen Smash journals?  Basically you express yourself however you want.  Tape in pictures, draw, write, glue items – whatever you want to do!  Both of my kids are quite artistic, and I thought they would love to incorporate that into their prayer lives.  So a trip to the store, some washi tape, notebook and colored pen purchases later we got started.  Here is a peek at the results.








I’m going to link this post up on the Little Oratory link-up.  It’s been going for a little while, and there is no end date.  If you have your own Little Oratory, link up so we can all see your inspiring space, and be sure to check out the lovely prayer spaces already on there.  Click the button below to check it out.  🙂


The Little OratoryThere’s your update on what’s been going on with us prayer-wise.  Update me on you in the comments!  See you in a couple of days for What I Wore Sunday! 🙂



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