What is this?  A weekday post?  We’re trying to get back on track around these parts!  We also have a couple of openings for writers, and always for guest posts, so if you want to hang out in our virtual neck of the woods, click contact above and send us an email! 🙂

I have seen some crazy things on the internet lately.  I’m sure you have too.  But I have also seen some beautiful things, some hilarious things, and some downright inspiring things.  So today, I’m going to be an internet mooch and show you some fabulous things to read from some other people that I adore.

The very first thing you HAVE TO (seriously) read is this new post from Meg Hunter-Kilmer.  I had the blessing of spending some time with her when she spoke at our parish and she is an amazing person.  Everything she writes is great, but THIS.  She writes of how she’s struggled with the Rosary for years, but pushed through and remained dedicated.  And her efforts have been greatly rewarded.  You just have to read this.

Sticking with the inspiring angle – Blessed is She is such a blessing.  The daily readings and devotions in my inbox every day – it’s just what I need to keep me on track.  Such a beautiful community of women.  Check them out here!

Also, I’ve told you about the Visitation Project before – three of the greatest women have started their own Catholic radio show for women, and I just can’t get enough.  Really.  Listen to past episodes right here, and then find them on Facebook to stay in touch!

And Jenny.  Do you read her blog?  You should.  Wisdom and inspiration just flows from her keyboard.  Head over there – you won’t be sorry!

Please remember to pray for dear Kathryn.  She has broken her knee and had surgery today.  Did you know I read her entire blog when I was in the process of converting?  True story.  I need her twang and wit in my feed as much as possible, so I hope she feels better soon.  Prayers for quick healing friend!

And finally – who doesn’t love a fabulous Patton birth story.  Grace graced us with part one today!

Alrighty dear readers.  I have a date to watch Tiny House with my husband – have you seen this show?  Oh my.  I can’t look away.  Either today or tomorrow we will talk prayer and Little Oratories.  Stay tuned! 🙂

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