Mother Teresa Quote

Credit for this lovely image goes to the talented Kendra of Catholic All Year. (She has more – check them out!) I ran across this again today, and was reminded of how much I love it.  I’m a little surrounded by chaos this week, and this served as a reminder to look around and take stock of all of our blessings – especially the ones we don’t always see.  So…I did.  And now I’m going to share a few of them with you, on the condition that YOU comment and share a few of YOURS with me.

There is currently an earphone cord tied to the closet handle of the kids closet.  I move it every time I put up clothes, but I am thankful for that “Lego man zipline” because it shows that my kids are blessed to have toys, but also blessed with wonderful imaginations to make toys out of ordinary things.

Speaking of laundry, there is a mountain of it.  School clothes, work clothes, etc are waiting in a heap to be washed dried, folded, and hung up.  And they are a reminder too – a reminder of the blessings of a great school and jobs to provide for our family.

Have you ever stepped on a Lego?  The floors are covered in them in the boys rooms.  Why am I thankful for that? Because you should see the things that they create with them.  I see their motor skills at work when they build the objects just as the directions say, but I see their creativity and their personalities when they build their own creations.  Such as…a church!


I have an issue with the little red dots on my iPhone – I constantly try and keep it clear of notifications so the the little red circles aren’t staring at me.  (Yep, I know how weird that is.)  Lately there have been so many dots that I can’t keep up!  But most of the dots represent people that have commented after me on a dear friends status – a friend who is posting updates about her husbands HEART TRANSPLANT! He received a new heart this weekend and through the power of social media and those little red dots, we are all able to be a part of it from afar.  So yes, I am thankful for those crazy red circles.

I am also thankful for all of you that read and support Fine Linen and Purple.  I love this community, and the support that comes from it.  What are some of YOUR every day blessings?




2 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. I am thankful for finally being a month ahead on my budget and for health. I have a friend with a serious health condition that required her to basically get a new job across the country because the money and health insurance was better. It’s so common for people to face poverty or bankruptcy due to medical issues. Legal changes are a start, but just like retirement, most of it is up to individuals.

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