Doing It All And Doing It Right

Written by Elizabeth

I am a perfectionist. I want to do everything perfectly for the Lord and have the perfect life. In fact the idea of failing at being perfect scares me.

It causes me to fall into this trap. A trap of inadequacy because I want to do it all.
I want to be fit, healthy, a good student, a good worker, a wonderful Catholic, a devoted daughter, sister, friend. I want to serve and to help others! I want do so many things and i want to be perfect at them all!  Only I cannot do it all.
I feel stretched too thin because I am trying to do to much.
In reality I do not believe that I have to do all these things in order for God to love me. Only I still want to do them.
Life can get overwhelming when we focus on the wrong things. 
So what is it? Look closely at your life, pray about it and ask what is really important in your life.
For me it is soaking in the moments.
 Laughing with friends, making people more important than things.
Chatting with friends and just growing deeper in friendship.
Taking in the beauty of nature. Especially in this coming all season.
Taking moments to read, to sit , to think, to write. No matter what else I have going on.
Giving my all to my schoolwork when it is the time to focus on that.
Working out with friends and just having fun with it.
Knowing, deep down that the Lord loves me. The most important thing is that I never let go of that.
That is all. None of this other stuff is more important than that.
I do not have to do it all or be perfect, because I am perfectly loved. 

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