An Opportunity to Share Your Faith

Written by Holly

Fall is approaching. People are getting excited for roasting hot dogs, hay rides, fallen leaves, and crisp temperatures. At least that’s what people are getting excited about here in the boonies where I live. I’m not a city girl, so feel free to fill me in on what city folk are getting excited about. 🙂

Fall is an exciting time in the Catholic Church as well. Most parishes are preparing to launch their RCIA programs! Most of you know that I went through the RCIA process last year, and this year I am thrilled to be doing it again – as a sponsor of someone new to the faith.

Are you involved in your parish’s RCIA program? There are so many ways to help! Sponsor someone who needs it – you ARE qualified simply by being a Catholic who loves and lives their faith. Volunteer to do childcare during the program for young couples that may not have access to a sitter – it’s normally only an hour a week. If you talk to your priest or RCIA director, I’m sure there are things that need done. It’s SUCH a rewarding program to be a part of, and a great way to re-ignite your own love for the faith.

Even if there is no way that you can assist the program, please remember to pray for all of the catechumens, sponsors, RCIA directors, priests, and catechists/ teachers as the classes begin. It’s a new beginning for many, and I’m positive they will welcome your prayers. 🙂

Are you starting RCIA this year? We LOVE conversion stories around here! Please introduce yourself in the comments!

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