Catholics Meet the Kardashians

Written by Holly

If you saw that title and clicked over here, my guess is you’re either intrigued or here to read me the riot act.  If you’re intrigued – welcome, I hope you will hear me out.  If you have your riot act in hand – give me five minutes to explain myself.

Disclaimer – I’m aware that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians is not stellar family entertainment, and is completely inappropriate for all kids (and most people at times). I’m not promoting the show, and I’m not encouraging marriages that only last hours, sleeping around, drinking until you can’t stand up, greed, pride, or any of the other thousands of things that appear on the show and offend many people.  I’m also not encouraging watching shows that can corrupt your moral compass.

Moving on…

I’m simply thinking in terms of us being told to be “in this world but not of it.”  We Christians hear this phrase all the time, and it is an important one.  We live in a world that is changing every time we turn around, and often it’s not for the better.  Television shows are a prime example of our changing culture.  Go ahead and compare the Kardashians to the Brady Bunch – you’ll see.  More often than not our basic Christian values are becoming lost in the shuffle.  While I think fellowship and friendship with like minded people is very important, I also don’t believe that we should seclude ourselves from the things happening in the world.  How can we change a world that we know nothing about?  Even more important, how can we change a world that we refuse to look for the good in?  On that note, here are seven things catholics can learn from the Kardashians.  Hang with me – I hope it will be worth it.


They do good deeds.  The first time I ever saw Keeping Up With the Kardashians was only a couple of years ago when I saw this episode on Netflix and happened to read the description.  I didn’t know anything about the show or the family, outside of what is in our face in the media, at the time and decided to watch it.  Two of the sisters encounter a homeless man outside of one of their stores and decide to help him.  They take him into their home, give him clothes, and then take him to the dentist for a complete overhaul on his ravaged mouth.  They then set him up in an apartment with job opportunities for the homeless.  The Kardashians are known for being famous only for being famous and are often painted as greedy attentions hogs.  But this just goes to show that what people think of you doesn’t make you who you are.  People can say whatever they want – the only person in charge of the way you behave and the way you treat other people is you.


They dress the part.  I wrote this article a couple of weeks ago on why we should dress nicely for Mass.  There was an article out recently about one of the Kardashian sisters dressing nicely to work out.  She wasn’t dressing up, but just coordinating her work out clothes and such.  She isn’t alone.  A quick look around any clothing store will show you that work out clothes are a hot item.  There are racks and racks of coordinating colors, flattering fits, and many different breathable materials.  The way the Kardashians dress may be questionable at times, but they always put their best foot forward regardless of what they are doing.  We can easily apply this to our own lives.  If we can work so hard to look good while going for a run, shouldn’t we work even harder for something as important as Mass?


They share what’s important to them.  I mean, they broadcast their lives on TV.  They’re not doing it just to entertain us – they are doing it to further their empire.  They sell clothes, they model – their business depends on exposure so they put themselves out there in order to reach the people that they need to.  Our business as Christians also depends on exposure.  We have to reach people and we have to share our faith in order for our churches to grow.  It may be uncomfortable at first, but most good things are.


They don’t share everything.  Remember when Kim had a baby?  Remember how long it took her to share a photo of her baby?  Maybe it was just a gimmick – a way to create hype and keep her in the spotlight.  I don’t know.  I would like to think that she was just protecting her and her babies privacy from the onslaught of the media.  In the same way that Kim was (hopefully) protecting her sweet baby, we should also protect the things closest to us.  It’s important to share your faith, help people and otherwise be a good Christian, but we also have to remember to protect what’s important to us and to be present in our vocation.  Our families need us, and we must always protect our relationships with our families.


They are champion marketers.  Let’s go back to the phrase “famous for being famous.”  Do you know what an awesome marketer you have to be to make yourself famous for nothing more than being you?  Kim Kardashian recently launched a game on the App Store.  People scoffed at it and shook their heads.  It’s at the top folks.  I’ve played it.  It requires no skill, no strategizing, and really not a whole lot of thinking.  You basically just dress up your character and send her on photo shoots.  And follow the prompts.  That’s all.  And this game has reached the top of the charts.  It’s mindless entertainment for when you are just sitting around waiting and have nothing to do – doctors offices, middle of the night nursing, or sleep training anyone?  Times that you don’t want to read or do anything extremely worthwhile because you’re too tired to think, or know you will be interrupted any second.  She saw a market need and she filled it.  That’s what we need to do.  If we are going to reach people we have to meet them where they are.  We have to show them how our faith can fit into their life, and even change it for the better.


They meet people where they are.  See the second to last line of #5.  You see the Kardashians on TV.  You see them on social media.  You see them on the news and in magazines.  Everywhere that people get information they are there and making themselves present and relevant.  We can take a big lesson here.  Are you on Instagram?  Between cute photos of your kids, pets, and what you might be making for dinner why not post a photo that represents your faith?  Something as pretty as a steeple of a church you drive by or as funny as a meme about the Pope?  I mean – even the Pope has Twitter!


They believe what they’re endorsing.  You and I may not always agree with them, or believe in what they’re selling but you can tell that they give themselves fully to their cause.  They go to great lengths to make sure people see them and hear what they have to say.  As should we.  Our causes may be quite different from theirs, but we can take a lesson from their dedication to making themselves heard.

I hope those of you who came with riot act in hand have put it down.  We are going to face many things throughout life that we as Christians don’t agree with.  If you let that stop you from reaching people, and limit yourself to only trying to reach those that agree with you, then you will only be reaching other Christians.  You have to be able to look beyond what is right in front of you and see the good in the world and in other people.

One thought on “Catholics Meet the Kardashians

  1. This is really well-written. I enjoyed the perspective. Thank you for sharing a positive viewpoint on a family so easily discounted.

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