Dressing for Mass

Written by Holly

Since Fine Linen and Purple is the home of What I Wore Sunday, it seemed an appropriate place to discuss a couple of articles that I ran across this week. I love the WIWS (which I haven’t been able to be host of lately because WEDDING SEASON! Can’t wait to get back to it!) series – and it’s actually how I discovered this wonderful blog that I am now blessed to contribute too. I think it’s a great outlet for women to share style tips, get outfit ideas, and figure out together what is appropriate to wear to Mass if they have any doubts. I’ve made some fabulous (and well-dressed!) friends here, and learned so much. I don’t believe we are putting too much emphasis on clothes, I believe that we are putting the emphasis on dressing nicely for church because Jesus is important, and it is a sign of respect. I also believe that some Sundays life is crazy, and you grab whatever is clean and most presentable and wear that and God understands! Life is unpredictable and things don’t always fall neatly into place.

I ran across two different articles this week with differing points of view on this subject. They are here and here.

A little more food for thought if you wish – Jennifer Fulwiler’s take on WIWS is here. and Kathryn Whitaker’s is here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so talk to me in the comments! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dressing for Mass

  1. Thank you for posting these articles, it was nice to read them again. The first time I saw them was when the links had been forwarded to me by the music director in my previous parish, a while back. I was so intrigued then, that I immediately signed up for Fine Linen and Purple / What I Wore Sunday, and have been following all you inspiring ladies ever since!

    The stories really got me thinking about what I generally wore to Mass and how I made decisions about my choice of clothing – – and I realized I was seriously lacking sometimes. Like many people, I have “nice” clothes for work, and “comfortable” clothes for relaxing. Unfortunately I had slipped into the bad habit of wearing the comfortable clothes to Mass, saving my better things for work. Yikes – what had my priorities become? Since when is it more important to be presentable at work than in the presence of the Lord?

    Around that time, I recall sitting in church before Mass on a dreary winter morning. One of the ushers walked up the aisles, scanning the pews for someone to bring up the gifts. She walked past me in my shapeless oversized brown wool hand-me-down coat and worn stretchy pants, spotted a nice looking couple a few rows behind me, and assigned them the privilege of bringing the bread and wine to the altar. It wasn’t that she deliberately snubbed me in my drab, bundled-up cocoon. She just didn’t even really notice me. But I looked sloppy and I knew it – no excuses – I had nicer things hanging in my closets at home, but just hadn’t made the effort that day. I slunk down in the pew, ashamed.

    After that, I vowed to dress better for Mass. It’s just as easy to put on a nice outfit as it is to put on a sloppy one. I can change into something more comfortable when I get home, if necessary. And you know what? I feel much better when I attend Mass with a reverent attitude, and for me that means, among other things, dressing with respect, modesty, and care. Helps to get me in the right frame of mind to focus on the importance of what is taking place – we are there to be in communion with Jesus himself – what a privilege!

    So that’s my take on it, just my personal experience, your mileage may vary. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and for keeping the discussion going. I look forward to the posts every week.

    • I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this!! Thank you so much for sharing this story – what a perfect example of exactly what I was trying to say! God Bless!!

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