The Little Oratory

Written by Holly

Let’s talk prayer life shall we?  For the Easter season our parish gifted us a book – Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic.  It’s an engaging and interesting read that I highly recommend, and *spoiler alert* one of the signs is prayer. They seem to think that a person’s prayer life should consist of more than just hollering to God for help when you’re frustrated, or crying to him when you’re scared.  We all do those things of course, and it’s fine! We’re only human and God knows our hearts.  But we should also strive for more.  The book is clear that everyone’s prayer life will look different because we are all different.  Sound advice.  So how do we build a prayer life?
Enter the Little Oratory.  I saw this book mentioned positively by some friends, so I grabbed it.  I’m so glad I did!  It not only tells you how to make your own little prayer space for your family in your home, but gives a lot of tips on prayer life for parents, children, and the whole family.  And each chapter can be read in sequence, or can stand on its own.  I’m not all the way through the book yet, but I have already put together a little prayer table in our home.  I look forward to the remaining chapters that will teach me how to make the most out of it.
Here are some photos of our table – it’s not finished but it’s a start!  We don’t have any art yet – but I have some on the way.  We made some of our own to stand in, in the meantime. 🙂  If you buy the book, they include some gorgeous pullout art, but I bought the kindle version, and I’m our of color ink. 😉  The flower vase is from my grandpa, and my niece made the flower in the jar.
We also have a prayer journal.
Some of the kids books – a few aren’t pictured because they were in their bedroom.
Bible and other faith books. A lot of our faith books are on my Kindle so it’s available too.
Bird’s eye view showing the candles and rosaries as well.  I also have a Holy Water container, some holy cards, and a crucifix on the way along with the art.  It’s a work in progress!
Do you have an oratory or a prayer table/corner?  I would love to see!  Talk to me in the commbox!

2 thoughts on “The Little Oratory

    • Thanks so much Leila! I’m going to head over and link this post and the one on my personal blog. Hopefully our readers will come along and join in the fun! 🙂

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