Goats, Milk Soap, and Lent

Written by Holly

Today I’m going to share one of my very favorite products with you!  I’ve always struggled with sensitive, breakout prone skin.  (Did I sound like a skin care ad right there? Yikes, sorry about that!) Anyhow – I’ve tried all the of recommended soaps/lotions/treatments/diet changes/make-ups/magic potions over the years, to no avail.  My skin still broke out and I still had to apply more and more make-up to cover it up.  Then one day, while I was complaining to a friend about it, she told me that she had the same issues and had stumbled upon a solution.  Goat’s Milk Soap!
Goat’s Milk Soap? Yeah I was skeptical too.  But I trust this particular friend so I headed over to the website she recommended and ordered some.
Oh my gosh you guys.  In a few short weeks my face looked totally different.  It not only cleared it up, it just made it softer and all…..glowy.  Is that a word?  Spell check says no but I say yes.
I have been using this soap for almost a year and it’s just amazing.  I ordered the little animal shaped versions for my kids as well, as it helps with the dry skin/eczema stuff that kids often get in the winter.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it!  I order it from incredible Darcy at Creamy Dreamy Soap Company [link]  She makes it all by hand and ships super quickly.  I can’t say enough good things about her.
I also use Goats Milk Body Lotion and I adore it.  I order that from another small business that makes it totally by hand – Honey Sweetie Acres [link].  Just like Darcy, I can’t say enough good things about these folks. Great service and quick shipping.
If you give these products a try, come back and let me know in the combox!
On an unrelated note, how are you all celebrating Lent this year?!  This is my first Lent as a convert and I would love to hear your stories!

2 thoughts on “Goats, Milk Soap, and Lent

    • I do – I use lavender! She’s really good about requests, so I’m sure if you message her she would be able to accommodate you! 🙂

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