On Getting Dressed In The Morning & A Challenge!

Written by Sarah

Perhaps I’m not the best person to write on this subject. After all, I often have to be at work before sunrise, and so I’m dressed and out the door within the first hour I’m awake. And I know all too well the temptation to stay in pajamas or sweats when there isn’t anywhere in particular to go in the morning.

But something happens when you get dressed in the morning – even if you don’t really have to. You feel a little better. You’re more productive. If the opportunity presents itself, you can go somewhere without having to stop and get dressed first. How many times have you refused – or even hesitated – to go do something you know you should because getting dressed to leave the house sounds like too much hassle? And even if you stay home, when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror, you’ll feel good about what you see if you’ve gotten dressed.

“Who’s going to see me?” I used this argument for a long time. One day, I caught myself refuting that same line in regards to something else (I don’t recall exactly) with God Himself. After all, He’s always watching! We’re His creation. We owe it to Him to get dressed in the morning, to clothe ourselves in something other than our pajamas.

It’s not an easy habit to break, that of getting up and going about your daily routine without getting dressed first. Clothes require a little thought and practice. It helps to grab an outfit the night before and have it ready to go the next morning. If you do have plans, you can tailor the outfit to those plans, or pick something else to change into later in the day that will better suit your plans.

“All my clothes are too nice to wear at home.” If this is really the case, you either need to change your wardrobe or your outlook. Even with small children at home, there’s not too much difference in the ease of caring for jeans and yoga pants. The exception would be those first few months postpartum – as long as you’re changing daily, you get a pass, newborn mamas!

There’s not much point in owning clothes that rarely, if ever, get worn, so if you feel like the biggest barrier to getting dressed in the morning is “nothing to wear”, pull everything out of your closet and take a look. Make piles according to what purpose your clothes serve. If you’re home most days, plan some appropriate outfits that use things you’ve already got, and make a list of what else you’ll need. Then head to the thrift store or your favorite value store (Target, Old Navy, etc) and fill in the gaps as best you can.

So who’s ready to take the Getting Dressed Challenge? Let’s try this for the next week! Even if you don’t plan to leave the house (or if you can’t leave because of the cold weather), your task is to get dressed first thing in the morning. Leave a comment below if you’re up for the challenge!



6 thoughts on “On Getting Dressed In The Morning & A Challenge!

  1. I love this post and I am up for the challenge! It is odd on Saturday I planned to not get that dressed then someone asked me to come work for them …. and I was a mess! Really dirty hair and all! I had to go as I was and I definitely felt that I was operating at a lower level than I should have been. Then in the evening I got all dolled up to go to a party and it was amazing how great I felt!

    • Isn’t it amazing how spending time on yourself pays off? I sometimes have a really hard time convincing myself of that. Then I have a hard time functioning when I don’t. But when I do take the time on my appearance, I always feel much better – and that inspired this post!

  2. I am in! I never leave the house save maybe once or twice a week and let me tell you those leggings and PJ’s call my name way too often.

    • Mary, I really wished I hadn’t said EVERY DAY when I got up yesterday and wanted to just stay in my PJs. But I remembered! And I got dressed! ….and then we decided to go shopping as a family in the morning, and voila! I was ready and it was awesome. I would have looked pretty silly in my red fleece snowman PJ pants, I think 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the challenge, Mary! I was just reading your post and laughing so hard at the no-shoes-for-sweatpants. Good for you for getting out of workout clothes – I’m so sorry you had to step in dog poop, though!

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